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Our plans

If you want anything else, don't worry we, can figure it out! We are here to satisfy all your wants and needs. Let's talk!

The Essentials

Our essentials are simple.

  • 24/7 Housekeeping, laundry and inhouse chef services.

  • Personalized nutrition and meal plan

  • Chauffeur and car available for scheduled drives anywhere you need.

  • All-inclusive trips a to discover the wonders of Colombia. (3-month stay minimum)

  • Cinemas, live music, dancing classes, museum and park visits.

  • Private room 

5.000 usd/month

Xplore Colombia

Made for people looking for an adventure oriented experience.

  • All The Essentials plan is included when in quarters 

  • A 1 or 2 weeks trip a month to have a deep dive on colombian culture and nature

  • Plane tickets or car rides to every destination we go to.

  • Hotels, food, park tickets

  • AssistCard

  • Local guides and tours

6.500 usd/month

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